I’ve had enough. Maybe it’s time unroll from these messed-up blankets and try to get sun. Start living. Again.

I hope everyone would stop asking me why I didn’t apply for med school this school year because it’s fucking troubling me more than you people do. Then you would add up and say ‘sayang ang taas ng NMAT mo.’ I’m an emotional dump right now so please stop asking because you’re pulling the trigger in every sense of the word.

I’ve been M.I.A. for months and I finally had plucked up the courage to type something done here even if it is going to be a bit bullshit in context. It sucks when you have to deal with personal issues and you can’t even tell anyone about it because you’re gonna sound like an overly-crazed mind-fucked person or be called mental. I can’t say I’ve come to terms with it but I’m trying really hard to put some sense in me if that’s the case. Be as it may, my birthday is coming. Haha.

i’m ill

swallow me whole

"I wanted to be calm, like a mound with all its cities destroyed,
and tranquil, like a full cemetery."

I’m leaving this blog for a while. I just can’t stay here at this moment. I just can’t and also twitter. I’m a wreck- has been for a long time. That’s all.

I will learn new things
I will rebuild lost friendship
I will trust more
I will open-up myself
I will share what I have
I will give my best
And I will fall in love
but then again, maybe I won’t.

I’ll send a storm to capture your heart

and bring you home

(Source: Spotify)

Just a few hours left before the sunrise and I am thinking of you reading this (if you are even existing), thinking of my friends, my thesis, and all the craps and the bullshits laying low just waiting to be stimulated all over again. Fuck that potato right in front of me. How I wish that I could lock my mind away from these strings of poisonous thoughts.


Merry Christmas everyone! I may not be able to receive all of the things I’ve listed on my wishlist but I’m still thankful that I’m celebrating it with my family and close relatives. Plus the barbecues are everywhere. There’s no other great food for me (this time around) against this barbecue dipped in vinegar. I could see stars and even angels descending from the sky surrounding me while savoring every bit of it. One more thing, I wish that those living in Visayas will still have a happy Christmas. I wanna share all these barbecue with you guys if only I could go there. Again, Merry Christmas.


I’m accepting gifts all-year-round. Lalo na if it’s a penny cruiser, a pair of green 1460’s, and love. Haha :)

Pain is an inspirational tool. It’s what makes most of the artists. Their art is pain transformed into something derisive, deluding, and dismantling.

Anonymous asked:
Be strong. Give yourself all the positive distractions you need. These are just emotions. Release them to free yourself from the burden that hinders you to be happy. I know that these things are easier said than done but I also know that you can do it. Keep the faith!

I will try to be strong and you’re right. I never thought that someone like you really cares even if I don’t know you personally. Thank you dear :))

Just flee if you can’t fight because that will not make you less of a person rather, it gives you more time to think and act rationally. Fleeing doesn’t always mean cowardice. Take the flight and land somewhere peaceful and serene.